The new real estate sales service

FLEXIMMO assists you to sell your house or apartment at the best market conditions and allows you to save expensive brokerage commission fees.

Fleximmo offers:
• Sales services and coaching delivered by a professional team.
• Transparency on prices and services provided: you pay only the services you need.
• Fixed prices far below normal brokerage commissions.
FLEXIMMO is a new real estate services company specializing in the sale of apartments and individual houses. We offer property owners a unique alternative to the traditional brokerage commission model.

You choose between our "à la carte" service or a classical mandate with a fix success based fee. We guarantee full transparency on the activities that we implement to sell your property. You do spend only for the services actually consumed and you save significant amounts of money compared to traditional brokerage commissions.

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Renato DI GISI / Agent - Région Fribourg, Lavaux et Riviera vaudoise

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Olivier Sauzet / Directeur

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+41 (0)21 560 43 06