Kudenaussage - Arco Ligne Architecture SA

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"The Arco Line Architecture SA office was pleased to use the services from Fleximmo for several weeks. This allowed us to increase our visibility with the publication of our project on their website and on the major real estate internet websites. in addition, their website is clear and easy to use and all modifications and updates were made almost immediately.

In addition, thanks to the real estate price estimation tool WUPNET used by Fleximmo, we could confirm that the price asked for our property for sale was consistent with the current market conditions.

For the duration of our contract, we received serious requests from interested customers and have been particularly pleased with the flexibility and the professional follow-up from the Fleximmo team.

We wish to see Fleximmo SA to develop positively and hope to have the opportunity to work together with them again for our future projects. "

Soraya Lemboumba, Marketing Manager

Arco Ligne Architecture SA
Avenue de l'église catholique 3
1020 Renens

Tel.: +41 21 637 37 00
Fax: +41 21 637 37 01

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